GreenyField is an online business site that has its modules and interface slightly different from the conventional E-commerce site or Classified site. This is because GreenyField plaform offers two main sections for easier and faster use for online business with customer satisfaction being a major priority. The Solo section that goes with the various packages chosen by a seller and a Shop section also with myriads of ads displayed by the various vendors. The payment gateways for now are: Payoneer, MTN mobile money service and visa card or master card payment.


The solo section is simply the  section that displays ads and services on GreenyField platform but does not involve GreenyField in the transaction between its buyers or customers. With this, buyers can arrange or locate the sellers around them(same area or country) or better still go to their shops and offices to transact business. This is to say that, GreenyField only advertises the companies or individual sellers within the solo section for customers to practically go to them. The solo section has the individual plan and the business plan. Note that If for any reason a customer wants GreenyField to hold buying fee in escrow between him/her and the seller, both the buyer and the seller must agree and contact GreenyField and it will be done at a fee using payoneer or other payment gateway. The escrow mechanism is not part of the Solo Section however.


The shop section works on escrow mechanism. With this, sellers/companies have their individual shops on GreenyField with various product ads displayed in the shop. A customer or buyer can place an order by selecting the item and paying for it on GreenyField payment platform. Greenyfield then holds the money in escrow till the item is shipped and is finally received my the customer. The vendor is then paid within 15 days if no dispute is raised by the buyer.


Ads placed on Greenyfield platform are cataloged and marketed mainly by regional basis or by geolocation. This makes it easier for buyers within the same location or country patronize goods and services offered by the individual sellers/vendors or companies. Secondly, all ads based on the package signed on, get African and global exposure. This makes businesses thrive.




1. Signup with your email and phone number. A link will be sent to your email. Go to your email and verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email. After verification, you can have full access to all services on the platform. A user can complete any details about him/her or view history under My Account section.

2. To search for any item on GreenyField, type it in the search bar on the homepage or click on the search menu on the header pane. Either of them will take you directly to the search page with extra features like search filters to make your search easier and accurate. Use any of the features there to navigate through the thousands of Ads.

3. To buy any of the products listed in the shop page after selecting and adding it/them to your cart, there is the need to pay on the checkout page then the order is placed. We use the following payment gateways: Payoneer, MTN Mobile Money Services and Credit or Master Card Services. The payment gateways are for buying items in the various stores/shops on GreenyField. You can pay for any item on GreenyField with your credit or mastercard. There is also Payoneer free means of payment where a customer with a payoneer account could pay directly to GreenyField Escrow when any item is purchased. It also makes it possible to refund some percentage or even all paid monies when wrong or faulty item is shipped. The payoneer system works exactly like paypal. This is because, Payoneer platform allows you to keep your money in it like paypal and provides the opportunity to send money into your bank account directly. We chose payoneer because paypal is not available in all parts of Africa. Use this link to open an account on payoneer platform: .

NB: The shop section is temporary closed to vendors till we adequately fix the the payment gateways and make them robust.